Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 4 - NSW

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Tonight we'll be tortured over and over again by the worst of what NSW threw at the Australian Idol judges at the NSW auditions. It's highly unlikely that we'll get to see many great performances as last night we saw 8 from WA and 23 from Adelaide go through to Sydney but only saw 9 of the successful auditions.

For those of you not mathematically inclined, that was only 29% of the successful performances from last night.

So, from 730pm tonight Idol continues...

Sydney, it’s time to prove yourself…

It took 3 full days of judging to get through all of the auditions in Sydney, from people dressed up as Ronald McDonald and Batman to guitar-playing-beanie-clad young people waiting for their audition.


Current Audition Tally

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Queensland: 41

Victoria/Tasmania: 33

Perth: 8

Adelaide: 23

NSW: 44

Total through to Sydney: 149...

But the final audition show said there were 150?


Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 3 - Adelaide

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Andy and James walked around Adelaide hugging their fans, yes, the Idol Train has well and truly entered the City of Churches.

Guy Sebastian visited the home town Idol hopefuls to encourage the crew to audition…

I’m going to start the poo poo list again, scroll down to the bottom of the post to read it…

Josh Williams – a 16 year old lad from the UK sang a nice song, but had a good package going, attractive, young, nice smile and polite. Josh got 3 yes votes and rushes to work to tell his colleagues about his good news.

A number of hopefuls made it through, but we missed all their auditions because Andy G and James wanted to moon a church and the editors found the painful auditions funnier to watch. Seriously, why do we have to watch crap auditions over the ones that made the judges think that they had something to offer?


Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 3 - Western Australia

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Queensland and Victoria
Kyle endearing himself to the public.

Tonight we’re going to Adelaide and Perth, we’ll see some Guy action and we’ll get to see the judges kick over a table…

We start off in Perth, Western Australia where James gives a bit of a tourism promotion prior to showing us the hoards of people who were waiting to audition.

First up is Jayden Lewis Winter who is interviewed by James and asked for his influences, he lists off a number of musicians that I can’t be bothered to type out, but one of them is U2. Jayden says that without being too cocky he is fantastic and heads in to the audition. Jayden stands up to the judges and looks like he’s experiencing some kind of constipation while he sings, “it’s not pretty to watch


Are The Judges being Too Soft?

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After all the publicity surrounding the new judge Kyle and how he’s going to shake the competition by conflicting with the judges it seems that the addition of Kyle has created another issue, that of too many people being accepted into the top 100.

Last year we saw sparks fly, not because Dicko was cruel to the people who auditioned, but because he stuck to his guns when he decided that he didn’t like someone’s performance. Kyle says things like “I don’t like your hair


Australian Idol ­- Victoria / Tasmania Auditions

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After a record 41 made it through to the next round from Queensland, tonight Victoria and Tasmania get their chance to bid for the Idol crown. Last year Melbourne gave us Anthony Callea. What will they give us tonight?

Victorian's had been camping out for two days in the freezing conditions for their chance to impress the judges. Daniel Konefka however isn't impressing anyone. Kyle calls him a bean bag with legs who can't sing.

Allan Kofoed is totally confident that he is the next Australian Idol. I imagine everyone is praying the judges send him packing right now. Kyle tells him he's perfect for a drag show but has nothing for Australian Idol. Allan says he really thinks he has talent. Boy is he dillusional.


Australian Idol ­ Audition 1

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Hear that sound?

Yes, it’s the sound of another season of Australian Idol! So grab your popcorn, a quilt, a nice mug of hot chocolate and a pair of earplugs because it’s highly likely that you’ll need them. Prepare yourselves, because in just moments you’ll be a part of Australia’s biggest search.

Channel 10 is doing some cross-over-reality-tv with the final couple of weeks of the current season of Big Brother still to go and the new series of Australian Idol just about to premier I fear that Australia will have reality-tv overload.

Just think of all the cash that they'll be raking in through sms' and competitions...


Australian Idol ­3

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Yes, that's right... from 7.30pm tonight (26th July) the new season of Australian Idol kicks off in a one hour audition spectacular, over the next few episodes we'll see all of the good and the bad that Australia has to offer. We'll also get to check out how the new judge on the block Kyle Sandilands fits in with the two remaining judges. Apparently Kyle's been told to play nice and not upset Marcia, however the promotional material up to now has been selling him as the new "bad boy" of the Idol competition.
Sydney 2Day FM breakfast radio host Sandilands has been chosen to step into Dicko's shoes alongside Hines and fellow judge Mark Holden.

Aussie Idol magazines

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From August the 15th, you'll be able to buy the brand new official Australian Idol magazine in stores.

It will be packed full of background info on the show, past Idol contestants and the Idol rejects.

Will you consider buying them as collector's items, because you can't get enough of Idol or will you give them a miss?

Pricing to be announced.



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Welcome to Idolblog - back in time for Australian Idol 3 :)

More coming soon.