Second Eliminiation Show - September 18 - Eleven Turns Into Ten

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2006-09-18 19:33

Going Home: Reigan Derry

After a rocking night where the Idols showed us how to Rock and how to Roll, the Judges told us how to suck eggs and the music was left to speak for itself we gather again to say goodbye to one of the top eleven. This can be a sad time, but it's necessary to weed hout the Idol hope-less from the Idol hopefulls, and it's the name of the game.

Who will be told it's time to leave?

Who will be joining whats-his-name from last week's eviction?

Let's find out!



Kyle's Jelly Belly Comment... What Do You Think?

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Kyle Sandilands the fat nohoper who doubles as a judge on Australian Idol has come unfer fire for his moronic comments last night in which he told Jessica Mauboy to "lose the jelly belly."

Personally telling a teenage girl that young in years to lose weight can have detrimental effects and Kyle needs to be told that "we weren't all thinking that" and he needs to cool down his comments to a point where he may actually be saying something constructive, if, that is the fat arse can actually do that, and in the case that he can't let's fire the prick!

What do you think?

Source: The Australian


Final Two - Top 11 Performances - September 17 2006

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Voting Information:

Last week we bid farewell to the youngest male in the competition, Joseph after he picked a crap song and fluffed his vocals up, his departure upsetting a large number of teenagers who have a thing for dimples. But lets face it, the best thing about Joseph was his dimples and they alone don’t sell cd’s… although that’s yet to be challenged.


First Eliminiation Show - September 11 - Twelve Turns Into Eleven

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Going Home: Joseph Gatehau

That's right, tonight one of this year's top twelve will be giving a tear-full farewell, for tonight your votes will make sure that twelve turns into eleven. Who will be left? Who will go? Will Bobby Flynn's 12 magical lines (4 of which were the same line repeated) from last night be enough to get him through another round? Will Lisa Mitchell get another chance to charm the public? Will it be a shock exit?

And how will the producers manage to fill out an entire hour for a job that should only take 15 minutes? How boring will tonight really be?


Idol finalist denies drug claims

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Source: NT NEWS

AUSTRALIAN Idol finalist Lavina Williams earlier this year left the cast of a major stage show amid drug allegations, which she denies.

Williams, the older sister of Young Divas star and last year's Idol runner-up Emily, was accused of baking muffins laced with marijuana while performing in the Melbourne season of the multi-million-dollar Disney musical The Lion King.

Williams, 27, from Melbourne, confirmed on Friday that she left The Lion King in May, two weeks before the end of the Melbourne season, following a meeting with Disney management about the alleged marijuana-laced cakes.


Final One - Top 12 Performances - September 10 2006

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Voting Information:

Tonight's Idol show was possibly one of the best in the show's Australian history, with each of the top 12 being given free range to choose their song to perform they took the bull by the horns and showed the country why they have been chosen to be a part of the Idol finals. With two U2 songs, a healthy dash of Rnb alongside a few song choices that were a bit left of centre the audience was wooed, entertained, delighted, embraced, teased and tortured over a two hour show.


Voice blues giving us deja vu

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September 08, 2006 09:12am
Article from: The Daily Telegraph

AUSTRALIAN Idol fans might be feeling deja vu, with speculation finalist Joseph Gatehau could be forced to pull out of the competition due to throat problems.

The shy 18-year-old Ashcroft High School student yesterday said he had almost lost his voice while practising on Wednesday.

In 2003, West Australian Cosima De Vito was a hot favourite to win before she withdrew from Idol after developing throat nodules.

Wildcard Announement - Official Final 12

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Idol top 12

After what was a fairly lackluster wildcard evening we gather tonight to find out who the public think should continue in the competition and who the judges would like to see hit the stage in the finals of Australian Idol 2006. Last night Mark showed that he's lost his edge, Marcia showed that she's still as nice as an apple pie and Kyle, well he continued to be as opiniated as a piece of soggy spaghetti.

Who have you voted through?


Wildcard Performance - September 3 2006

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Wildcards Voting Information...

After a weeks worth of semi finals, almost enough to overdose on the Judges have given us 8 names of hopefuls that have one more chance to make it through to the finals. These Wildcards have one last chance to impress the judges and you, the public and that's what tonight's all about, this is their last ditch attempt to stay in the competition for 2006.


Semi Finals - Group 4 Verdict and Wildcard Nomination....

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Tonight's the final night of the semi final's, which means I actually get a couple of nights without Idol!!! hoorah!!! This also means that we'll find out who out of the final group of chicks will be put through to the finals AND who teh judges think should be given a second chance to make it through to the finals...

Who will it be? Let's find out...

Oh, and because there's no performances tonight except by Guy and Anthony I'll throw away the extensive vocabulary and bucketloads of sarcasm and just post the Verdict and Wildcard results.

Group 4 Verdict...