Semi Finals - Group 4 Concert Performance

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Semi Final - Group Three

Voting Information for Group Two...


Semi Finals - Group 3 Concert Performance

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Semi Final - Group Three

Want to put in your vote for the second group of Boy Vs Boys?:


Semi Finals - Group 2 Concert Performance

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Semi Final - Group One

The voting details for the first group of Girl Vs Girls are:


Semi Finals - Group 1 Concert Performance

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Semi Final - Group One

The first "Live Semi Final" (Sunday 27th) was Boy Vs Boy, here is the voting details:


Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 6 - Sydney Solo's and Top 24

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Dear Producers of the Television Show “Australian Idol


Australian Idol ­ Audition Show 5 - Sydney Solo's and Trio's

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Tonight we enter phase two in this year’s Australian Idol competition as 125 contestants face the judges and each other over three days of more auditions and performances. Yes, over the next *sigh* two nights that’s what we’ve got ahead of us as the Judges turn 125 to 24 in order to give us the top 40 contestants for us to vote on next week...

There’s a good 5 minutes of the Idol contestants arriving at the Sydney airport, making a lot of noise and looking all cool and excited, getting in cars and heading to the stage. This allowed space for Andy and James to welcome us to the next painful stage in the Idol Journey. As the hopefuls all arrived at the hotel and started to settle in the awful truth of the day was forced on them, that as there are 125 people and not 100, at least 25 of them will be heading home immediately.


Auditions: Australian Idol 4 - Audition Show Four - August 14

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FINALLY, tonight marks the final audition show for 2005, soon we'll be able to sit through the Sydney top 100 episodes that are promised to be mindblowing...

Then again they also promised that these audition shows would be short, sharp and painless, fat lot of good their promises have done us...

Tonight we're heading to Byron Bay, Townsville, Brisbane...

Emily Williams opened the Brisbane auditions with Andy and James while Kate and Lee opened the auditions in Albury Wodonga with a concert...

Absolute Crapola...

  • Cherish Gibson well, this young lady gave Mark a red rose and a lap dance, and while she sat on sat on Mark's lap and cut off the blood to his brain and legs she sang her heart out... hah hah hah

Auditions: Australian Idol 4 - Audition Show Three - August 13

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Sunday’s Idol episode sent us to Sydney, the “mother ship


Auditions: Australian Idol 4 - Audition Show Two - August 7

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I've only just got home and need to cook tea, so I'll get onto writing up tonight's episode after I eat (I have to have my priorities straight). Not that we'll actually see any decent talent tonight, noone from Adelaide seems to have made it through to the top 24 so tonight's show will be full of crap acts and probably a few decent ones from Perth.

The second audition show started in Perth, let's face it most of the show was crap, it started with a nice young Sudanese girl, Jovana Ngbadurezere singing Atomic Kitten which was enough to make me switch off for a while, she was cute but sang bad. Micah Simpson tried singing "time of my life" from dirty dancing, honestly, if I were to suggest a show in which idiots sang crap songs badly to channel ten and then sold it to them suggesting that we'd disguise it as THE TALENT SHOW in Australia we'd have Australian Idol.