Australian Idol - Top 03 - "Number One Hits"

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Number One Hits



Funniest News Article of the Idol Year

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I just had to laugh at this particular article, it, along with the article about a drunk Lee pashing Christie and a drunken Dan being found beltless and hammered after the Arias has to be the funniest Idol piece written this year...

    REALITY television entered politics yesterday after Queensland Premier Peter Beattie heeded Toowoomba pleas and called on Channel Ten to reopen Australian Idol voting lines following the shock eviction of "Dreadlock Dan" on Monday night.

    Dan England was claimed by Toowoomba as its own at the beginning of the series (his grandparents live here), and many local voters felt his eviction – by just 27 votes – was unfair due to the impact of daylight saving on voting times.


LIVE VERDICT - 07 November 2005

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Yes, tonight one of the Idols will be feeling “so lonely that they could die


Elvis Idol - Top 4 Performances

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VOTE NOW: How To Vote

Elvis has left the building...

But I haven't started my recap yet...

I'll recap later tonight but let us know what you thought of this horrid horrid night of phenomenally bad performances and tear worthy notes...



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The Apology and Explanation:
Thanks to those of you who have been whinging that there was no update last night, I guess that I could give a huge explanation, or possibly lie about how my social life is way too interesting and that I couldn’t be here last night but that would be too much work.

The truth of the matter is that I had to work last night and when I did arrive home and watch the gig I wasn’t inspired to post anything, let’s face it there were no WOAH performances and the touchdown given to Dan was a pathetic example of how Mark Holden is trying to keep the audience interested in their show that is failing to please this year.


Australian Idol - Top 5

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Voting Is OPEN - How To Vote

There'll be no live cap tonight due to me needing to do "real" work, so please leave your thoughts and opinions here, I'll post my thoughts when I get home.


Song Choices - Top 5 - The 70's

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Lee Harding "Vents Off Steam" With Christy

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Idols cut loose
From Sydney Confidential
Link: Idols Cut Loose

    Which might explain why punk-rocker Lee Harding and Shannon Noll-lookalike Daniel Spillane used the ARIA awards to let off a bit of pent-up steam.

    But we're not sure what Harding's de-facto partner of 4½ years, Nicole, would think of his pashing Big Brother bogan Christy during the cranking after-party at the Novotel.

    While Harding - who didn't arrive back to the Idol house until midday on Monday - is denying his night of passion, Christy confirmed the story on radio.


And we're back!

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Sorry about the outage today, the data centre we're on was attacked overnight and it took a while for everything to get back to normal...

But we're back now, which is more that can be said about Anne...



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Anne Robertson is now going home...

To tell you the truth, I’m a tad indifferent with tonight’s verdict only a few minutes away, I want Lee to go, it seems quite obvious that it’s his turn, but still his fanbase of stupid teenagers with no sense and even less logic than they have musical taste…

So, whatever happens tonight I’m not entirely fussed, but still, let’s see what happens anyway…

Tonight’s show started with The Hoff jumping on stage and welcoming everyone, after some running around and clapping of hands he introduced himself as both Andy and James and called for last night’s recap…