Australian Idol - Final 2 Performances - Top 11 - "The Swinging 60's"

Submitted by djwright on Sun, 2005-09-18 19:10


Have you ever noticed that the Judges keep saying “pick modern songs


Dj's Picks From The Top 11

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I'm almost tempted not to do this entry this week due to my dismal picks last week... but I'll do a quick post anyhow...

  • Laura Gissara Will be singing Don't Play that Song
  • I don’t like Laura, her vocals just don’t cut it, she shouldn’t be there but as she is and since it seems that her family are voting like a pack of octopuses with mobiles in each tentacle I guess she’ll be there for another couple of weeks until the odds are stacked against her.

    I guess this would be a great space to say that I wish that she didn’t sing this song, but I guess she will anyway and I’ll still have to listen to it…


Song Choices - Swinging 60's

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Yeah yeah, I know I know, I've been slack this week...

Here are the song choices for tonight's gig...


Latest Australian Idol Odds

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2005-09-13 11:55

Sunshine Coast singer Dan England is firming as Centrebet's favourite to win Australian Idol.

Centrebet cut its odds on Dan winning the series to 3.00 (from 4.00) following last night's show.

Melbourne's Laura Gissara beat the odds to survive but remains Centrebet's outsider at 41.00.

Australian Idol winner
3.00 Dan England
4.50 Natalie Zahra
6.50 Anne Robertson
8.00 Kate DeAraugo
10.00 James Kannis
12.00 Milly Edwards
12.00 Lee Harding
12.00 Daniel Spillane
12.00 Emily Williams
15.00 Roxane Lebrasse
41.00 Laura Gissara


Money Making Idea!!! - LAURA FOR IDOL

Submitted by djwright on Mon, 2005-09-12 20:37

I've just come up with a great idea for us to all make a little cash out of the Idol experience...

It's allready obvious that there are some people with some fairly large bank accounts backing Laura's Idol journey, and that they're not willing to see her fail... even if she's as boring as two planks of wood and sings like an echidna on speed.

So, here's my idea...

Centrebet has Laura down as 101.00 if she were to win that'd be some serious cash.

This would actually have the side benefit of causing some major damage to Channel Ten's smash hit tv show because there's no way in the world that Laura's CD sales would match or even compete with Anthony's or Guys, or heh, even Casey's... Possibly sending the show broke.


Australian Idol - Top 13 - Live Verdict

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Last night the top thirteen battled it out Idol-Style on the stage, one by one they stood up to the test, one by one they stood up to the judges and one by one they each had to take the judge’s comments on the chin.

Some survived with very few wounds while others received blinding blows to their egos and hopes to become the next Australian Idol. Some would have slept pretty confidently last night while others were probably suffering the jitters, and quite rightly so because their performances on the night weren’t up to scratch, or because their jeans were too tight, or, perhaps because their hair was too straight or because their song choice was crap…



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Bring out the shears and the sheep, the beer and the meat, the bbq and the sweet smell of mosquito repellant and release a thousand Australian flies because tonight the Idols get to slip on some sexy clothes, slop on some makeup and slap on an Akubra hat as they perform their favourite Aussie made songs.

No, there won’t be any crocodiles let loose on stage tonight (although that’d be one way to add some spice to Laura’s vocal performance) nor will there be any billy’s on the open fire, there won’t be any live cross-overs to the cricket and I’d be surprised if any kangaroos and wombats were let free to roam across the stage, but there will be a few hundred teenagers and crazed fans screaming for their favourite Idol finalist.


Dj's Picks From The Top 13

Submitted by djwright on Sun, 2005-09-11 13:58

Tonight the top 13 will battle it out for the chance to perform for the live audience one more time, tonight they will sweat it out, singing to the largest audience of their short but sweet career, for people like Chris Luder the terrain will be slightly new as their audience is usually a lot younger than tonight's will be and for others, like Laura the experience will be hard as the realisation that they're not just singing to their family anymore.

I doubt thecritic will have the time to post his picks for tonight's gig, so I've taken the liberty to post mine...


Centrebet Australian Idol Odds - September 9, 2005

Submitted by The Critic on Fri, 2005-09-09 14:07

Laura Gissara and Tarni Stephens are Centrebet's Australian Idol
elimination betting favourites.

Controversial finalist Laura is 1.20 not to survive Monday's cull and 101.00 to win the Idol title.

Rock chick Tarni is 3.25 to be one of the two singers evicted and 21.00 to wear the Idol crown.

Centrebet has promoted Dan England back to outright favouritism for the Idol competition.

Dan is 4.00 to succeed Casey Donovan. He will sing Crying Shame on Idol's first live show.

Australian Idol winner
4.00 Dan England
4.50 Chris Luder
5.00 Natalie Zahra
6.00 Milly Edwards
9.00 Lee Harding